Thursday, February 18, 2010

We all have things we need to do.

    Don't you ever feel like there are so many things that you could be doing, yet there is something keeping you from doing them? I'm having a whole day like that. So, i figure that maybe if  I make a to-do list, i will actually get things done!

  • Write an essay for Journalism.
  • Finish two biology quizes.
  • Work on some more school work until I am ahead in each class
  • Practice working with wire
  • Bake some more muffins!
  • Replace the ribbon on a necklace with chain or hemp cord
  • Clean up my computer desktop
  • Clean up and organize my room
  • Email teachers back
  • Mail off the prize that a lady won in the One World One Heart giveaway
  • Write a chapter or two in my book
   Now, that's not too many things, is it? XD

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