Thursday, February 25, 2010

I've been thinking...

     There's been something that's been on my mind a lot within the past few days. When I started this whole jewelry making thing back in december-ish, I never would have thought I would come as far as I have. And, I'm not saying that I'm some hot-shot big jewelry maker now, because I am no where even near that, but with the help of my best friend, the guidance of my mom, and the support of my boyfriend along with friends and family, I feel like I have really gone further than I ever thought I would. 

     It began with one inspiration. One simple little idea that Shellbee and I really wanted to try. I would have never thought that I would have accumulated so many supplies either! I am running out of space for it all! So far, I have filled my pretty chest that my mom got me for Christmas, and a box with a bunch of lil boxes and lids and containers in it. 

     I'm actually feeling really good about this! One of my problem area's though, is that if I do choose to sell any, I have no idea what to sell them for! I find myself aiming pretty low ($3-$7). I have been told that the one's I have on Etsy right now, are under-priced. But people still aren't buying, so why raise the price?

     Today, I made a necklace and bracelet combo for my mother's dear friend Jen, who is pretty awesome. She reminds me so much of Shellbee! I had to take a quick trip to the store to get a wider variety (size-wise) of beads for Jen's necklace and future ones. Soon after I was finished with her bracelet, I finally finished my sissy Maddy's bracelet (after failing once before) and got it packaged up all cute-like and wrote a little note to go along with it :)

    I hope that soon I can learn to work with wire so I can move along with the key project! But, I need a wire working book or something, I always fail! XP


  1. So proud of you. Maybe I can be of some help now with the wire. Today we did a craft project at MOPS using beads & wire. We decorated the handle of any piece of silverware ( I used a sugar spoon). We wrapped with wire adding beads as we wanted. Couldn't believe how pretty & different they all came out. Mine is in my Coffee Tag for Thurs.

  2. Oh, maybe you should send the pic to me! :)