Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day One of the Challenge!

   My fingers are cut up and messed up with super glue, but it was worth it to make a bracelet and two necklaces that I think are rather pretty. It's kind of difficult working with hemp cord, but it ends up looking so good! My trick for keeping the ends from fraying was periodically using bowstring wax on the end of it, and it worked wonderfully! It also gets frustrating working with beads in only three colors, but it has always ended up looking pretty.

   Anyways, Shellbee and I ended up doing challenge number six before the other five! But, that's okay! We will go back to the other ones next! :) I will post some pictures of the bracelets tomorrow as soon as I get the chance!

  Since we got a project from the challenge done today, that makes today the official starting date of our challenge! Which also makes May 21, 2010 our deadline! Which is a month after Shellbee's 18th birthday and ten days before my 16th! Wowza!

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