Saturday, January 30, 2010


I've decided to give myself (and possibly my jewelry making partner-in-crime) a challenge. What kind of  challenge can be given to two teenage jewelry-maker wanna-bes? If the challenge is accepted by my oh-so lovely friend, we will try to get through 10 jewelry making projects in three months. I say three months because that gives a couple of jobless teenagers time to get money in between projects.

Here is the line-up of projects that we might be faced with. (Least challenging to most challenging) Note: 2 will be made of each. One by me, one by Shelby

1. Soda bottle coin purse
2. Soda can necklace
3. Scrabble necklace (not the normal ones you see on! These are different :D)
4. Time in a bottle necklace (hard to explain XP)
5. First try at making headbands
6. First try at bracelets!
7. Fist try at earrings!
8. First try at ring-making!
9. Wire and real skeleton key necklace
10. Polymer clay necklace

Many firsts and challenges await us if we are willing to accept this challenge and juggle it with our school and everyday life.

Should we accept it and force ourselves to work outside or current creative limits?

Mess Making and Jewelry making go together

I never quite fail to make a mess while making things. Today, I spent a few hours playing around with those liquid marbles and somehow food coloring came into the mix, and well before you knew it the counter was covered in orange, yellow, and red blotches.

Of course all this was done while my dad talked to me in his Russian accent. I made some pretty cool neckalces! Well,pendants for necklaces. I still need chains to make them perfect! But, unfortuantly the chains that i've had my eye on just sold out!

By poor cat has been so needy lately, never stopping her meowing at the back door when she's outside. But, i think that i am the only person in my house that feels pitty for her! So, i always let her in :)

Back to sipping tea, making lists, and making necklaces! :D

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Necklaces, Necklaces, Necklaces!

Shelby and I have made a total of about 16 necklaces as of right now! And they all are unique and cute and well, one of a kind! Here are some of our favorites:

A few of these are for sale on our Etsy store! Click here to check them out!

Venturing out?

            Jewelry making is actually quite a great way to spend extra time when you're educated at home. I have been doing a lot of it and have thought of many ideas recently. It does add up though! 
           I have been making Fairy Dust necklaces and necklaces along those lines with my best friend. We just started and surprisingly sold one already! I am very proud of us. 
          We are sharing an Etsy store with my parents for now, although that could change in the future. I just want to learn about making things and about channeling my creativity! Don’t we all?