Thursday, October 21, 2010

Shelby [Maternity Shoot]

I had a maternity shoot a few days ago with my best friend. She is so awesome! She's on bedrest right now so it was pushing it to be out at a park, but she did awesome. :) She wanted to do some pictures since her lil boy's projected arival date is getting closer and closer! His first due date was December 6, but now her doctors are saying that he will be here within the next two weeks!

Overall, it was a very fun and relaxed time, I think that the pictures turned out well!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Things That I Love.

Every day I fall in love with new things, here are some:
Vintage/Antique cameras
All things Marilyn Monroe 
Old skeleton keys
Antique/vintage/unique purses
All things floral vintage
Old books
Teddy bears
Old jewelry
Antique furniture
Old bottles 
Antique perfume bottles
Antique binoculars
Old flasks
Vintage/antique smoking items
Vintage signs
Pretty much anything old that's not tacky and/or hideously ugly and pointless
I like classy things.

Friday, October 1, 2010

My two loves: Marilyn and cameras.

Marilyn Monroe & Vintage cameras.

Marilyn, I'm not an obsessed fan. I consider myself to be a fascinated observer. I find her life story just so intriguing! She was truly a beautiful person. I want to continue to collect her for years to come. Her movies are all wonderful to watch. I am most taken by her early films, where she was still largely unknown to the world, but eye-catching nonetheless. Ask me about her sometime, I'll talk your ear off.

Vintage cameras, amazing. When I hold one, I can just imagine looking through someone else's eyes. Someone from 1902 taking a picture of their child in a meadow with my brownie or someone capturing a couple's love with my 1962 Pentax. The words I keep repeating are "Wow, this is real photography." I can't help myself from sharing my love of this with others, and maybe hinting to them that if they ever see an old camera at a garage sale to get it for me. :P


In my bag this week. (2)

So, most of my little"trinkets' that I get and all of my purses, come from the thrift store that I work at, The Lion's Den. I find such awesome things there. :)

What's in my bag this week? Handmade leather purse
Egypt & Israel book, two small vintage tea cups,rock from the ocean, sea shell heart jewelry box,  check, MOPS schedule, cell phone, glass cigar tube with rocks in it, makeup brush, foundation,  rose lighter, polaroid of my Jacob, a dried flower Jacob gave me over 2 years ago, three rings (vintage from great-grandma, promise ring from Jakey, and Valentine's Day ring.), and last but not least the bottle filled with chips of gold my Daddy found. :)

What's in your bag this week???