Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mmm, how I love the smell of muffins in the oven

       So, I think i have found yet another love, baking.  That's all i have wanted to do lately! And with no more bottles to do bottle necklaces and no tools to do my other project, baking has been a good thing to fill my free time up with. In three days (only one full day)  I have made one cake and five different types of muffins, all from scratch. I made an orange chiffon cake, peanut butter and chocolate muffins, two types of blueberry and yogurt muffins, a weird sugar kind, and Nutella and peanut butter muffins. I know that they are rather simple, but I still love making them!

    When I get the chance to, I'm going to make panda bread! I'm going to use an awesome recipe originally written in Japanese. (No, panda bread is not made out of pandas :P )As a matter of fact, all of the recipes that I have used so far were originally written in either Chinese or Japanese :D

(BTW! It looks like me and my best friend are going to move forth with the challenge! But, we'll see!)

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