Friday, October 1, 2010

My two loves: Marilyn and cameras.

Marilyn Monroe & Vintage cameras.

Marilyn, I'm not an obsessed fan. I consider myself to be a fascinated observer. I find her life story just so intriguing! She was truly a beautiful person. I want to continue to collect her for years to come. Her movies are all wonderful to watch. I am most taken by her early films, where she was still largely unknown to the world, but eye-catching nonetheless. Ask me about her sometime, I'll talk your ear off.

Vintage cameras, amazing. When I hold one, I can just imagine looking through someone else's eyes. Someone from 1902 taking a picture of their child in a meadow with my brownie or someone capturing a couple's love with my 1962 Pentax. The words I keep repeating are "Wow, this is real photography." I can't help myself from sharing my love of this with others, and maybe hinting to them that if they ever see an old camera at a garage sale to get it for me. :P


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