Friday, October 1, 2010

In my bag this week. (2)

So, most of my little"trinkets' that I get and all of my purses, come from the thrift store that I work at, The Lion's Den. I find such awesome things there. :)

What's in my bag this week? Handmade leather purse
Egypt & Israel book, two small vintage tea cups,rock from the ocean, sea shell heart jewelry box,  check, MOPS schedule, cell phone, glass cigar tube with rocks in it, makeup brush, foundation,  rose lighter, polaroid of my Jacob, a dried flower Jacob gave me over 2 years ago, three rings (vintage from great-grandma, promise ring from Jakey, and Valentine's Day ring.), and last but not least the bottle filled with chips of gold my Daddy found. :)

What's in your bag this week???

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  1. That's my girl you are so creative I love it!!!