Saturday, January 30, 2010


I've decided to give myself (and possibly my jewelry making partner-in-crime) a challenge. What kind of  challenge can be given to two teenage jewelry-maker wanna-bes? If the challenge is accepted by my oh-so lovely friend, we will try to get through 10 jewelry making projects in three months. I say three months because that gives a couple of jobless teenagers time to get money in between projects.

Here is the line-up of projects that we might be faced with. (Least challenging to most challenging) Note: 2 will be made of each. One by me, one by Shelby

1. Soda bottle coin purse
2. Soda can necklace
3. Scrabble necklace (not the normal ones you see on! These are different :D)
4. Time in a bottle necklace (hard to explain XP)
5. First try at making headbands
6. First try at bracelets!
7. Fist try at earrings!
8. First try at ring-making!
9. Wire and real skeleton key necklace
10. Polymer clay necklace

Many firsts and challenges await us if we are willing to accept this challenge and juggle it with our school and everyday life.

Should we accept it and force ourselves to work outside or current creative limits?

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