Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Healthier Me.

     Weeks ago, I would have scoffed the idea, thinking those who follow this life-style and diet are tree-hugging veg-head weirdos. But, it took but a few minutes to decide I needed to change. While doing so, I didn't really realize what was happening. I have taken the plunge to try and live without eating processed food, bread, or drinking pop. Ultimately, I am trying to stick to organic foods. And, just in 5 days I have began feeling so much healthier and better about myself! I have had bread a few times, and allow myself crackers and cereal.

   I never thought I would eat like this. I didn't think that simply cutting out processed foods would even make a slight difference! But it has! I've been smiling more, disliking my appearance less, and wanting to get out and do stuff more. And now I feel like telling everyone to do the same! I will never be vegetarian/vegan though! I allow myself turkey and chicken, cause it's too good to cut out!

(Wanna know a secret? Not all organic foods are gross and expensive :) They are good and most cost just as much as processed food!)

A month ago, I would not have been confident enough to let my mom do a photo-shoot of me, but I feel good enough now :) And don't hate the way I look anymore!

So here's to a new self!

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