Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The feeling of being appreciated

I suppose sometimes I take it for granted, and don't truly realize that until the feeling of being unappreciated creeps out from the darkness. But, I've started to feel that way again recently. Not only appreciated, but like I mean something to people.I've started to try and transform myself  (baby steps, Kayla. Baby steps...) yet again and have started seeing things in a new light.

Not anything to drastic has happened, but...this month, I:
  • Learned my best friend is pregnant
  • Had a great Easter with family 
  • Sang at a funeral
  • Improved my French
  • Finally got pictures edited and put on a CD from the wedding that I photographed and my mother directed pictures for.
  • Smiled a lot
  • Got a surprise visit by my boyfriend and his best friend
  • Started working at a local NP thrift store
  • Made a delicious German chocolate cake from scratch for my dad's bday
  • My best friend turned 18
  • Started a diet
  •  Got motivated.

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